Florentin is a dynamic duo of DJs and production partners comprising Assaf Tuvia and Gal Abutbul. They are redefining melodic and emotional electronic music with Moroccan and Spanish roots and a shared sonic vision. Drawing on house, techno, pop, and trance elements, their productions under the Florentin and FLRNTN (formerly Graham Bell) monikers are instantly recognizable. From high-energy dancefloor bangers to ambient and abstract compositions, Florentin’s music is diverse yet cohesive, reflecting the duo’s passion for pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

Although they began their careers as ghost producers and sound engineers, working with some of the biggest names in the industry, Florentin’s music quickly caught the attention of fans and fellow musicians alike. Their upbringing in the suburbs of Jerusalem and their move to Tel Aviv provided the perfect backdrop for them to hone their unique sound and form close relationships with like-minded musicians.

With a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and an unwavering commitment to creating powerful and emotional music, Florentin is taking the electronic music scene by storm. Their electrifying live shows and dancefloor anthems testify to their passion and dedication to their craft. Stay tuned for more from this accomplished duo as they continue pushing electronic music’s boundaries.